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Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling

Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling 

The Division's Own Journal

In 1998, the Computers in Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society (COMP) partnered with Elsevier Science and affiliated with the Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (JMGM). Don Boyd served as the COMP-appointed Editor from 1998 until 2001, when Andy Holder took over that role.

COMP members are encouraged to use JMGM as a forum for their publications. Articles describing research of substantial merit are invited. All articles are subject to standard refereeing in the interest of constructively improving the papers.

Web submission to JMGM offers enhanced convenience and speed of processing for papers. The same formatting and standards of authorship as defined in the instructions to authors (pdf version) are still required.

Benefits to authors include:

  • Full color figures are published at no charge.
  • The journal has no page charges.
  • Authors receive 50 free reprints.
  • Production is rapid.
  • Articles are available in print as well as online at Science Direct, including all back issues

A special low subscription rate of $68/year (effective 2005) is available for COMP members (6 issues). (COMP membership costs only $15 per year, and you can join on-line.)

The advantages of COMP's affiliation with JMGM include:

  • COMP members can influence the content and direction of a journal.
  • Papers presented at COMP technical sessions and symposia are especially welcome.
  • JMGM's scope was modernized and widened to encompass all aspects of computational chemistry, molecular modeling, simulation, and design.
  • JMGM's worldwide readership increases exposure of COMP activities.

A free sample copy of the journal is available on-line. Questions or comments may be directed to Egbert van Wezenbeek, Publisher, at , or to COMP's JMGM liason, Prof. Andrew Holder, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Department of Chemistry, Kansas City, MO 64110, Phone: 816-235-2293, Fax: 816-235-6543, Email: .